Sunday, March 11, 2012

Few updates on trees

Few updated pictures of existing trees below. Which one you all like most, and I welcome the suggestions too!

The cascading Jade tree
The ficus relig. newly transferred to a new pot
The senior most neem with a company of ficus relig.
Bonsai line up
Ficus relig. in interior
Brazilian rain tree in its typical style
The ever lovable banyan style ficus
The cute tiger bark ficus

An attempt to make a sumo bonsai

You might be knowing what really a sumo bonsai meant. It represents a shorter tree but with very wide trunk and thicker canopy which looks like a sumo wrestler. I always like verymuch the shorter version of trees, and looking for longtime to make one. During a recent visit to the nursery, the ficus arrivals with amazing route structures attracted me.
I purchased two lean and taller saplings but with complicated route pattern. As usual I prunned them to very low level. Left them to grow freely for months. The result is quite pleasing.

Flowering bougenvilla

The bougenvilla has been flowering a lot and looking very beautifully. But the same time it restricts me in pruning the branches because I dont want to loose the flowers. What you think?

In the sunshine

New updates - March 2012

Dear Friends,
I have been out of blogging for a while due to few personal commitments. I apologize for the loong break.Now I am back with new additions. I saw an anonymous post requesting the updates. Thanks for your interests. Though away from blogging, but I have not stopped my bonsai work  amidst of other works; The relationship is continuing and even thickening as the days progressing. How about you guys? Is still bonsai keeps you interesting?

The adenium family

I am having an adenium for a long time, may be 4-5 years; The tree is growing wonderfully to my surprise because of the inappropirate pot size wrt its big route (thanks to the fertilizers). The tree has been blossoming more and more; Producing the seeds, and spreading in air. Due to this, I saw one day a small plant species is growing in one of the other trees pot; It looks more like tiny or baby adenium; I got it confirmed after few weeks by seeing its leaf shapes; You can enjoy the pics of it below; Apart from this another small adenium which was bought a year before grown amazingly with bigger route. The pics were given below

Adenium baby

The adenium family in a row

The senior

Monday, August 8, 2011

Update - 8th August

I have given below the update of the trees after some gap.
The ficus family seems to be increasing in my collection.

The gr8 ficus family
 I have prunned the branches so close for this ficus relig. tree, trying to make it resemle more lilke the one we see in streets.
 This guova tree started to flower after a long time, which is difficult to see in this pic, but will post the pic with the fruits very soon.
Guova tree
 Recently I prunned the branches very close of this bougenville tree ( compare its earlier pics), now it attained a balanced tree form with flowers too !!! soon will be trimmed again.
 I removed the wiring on this tree recently, but will do it again.
Tiger bark ficus
 Asoka tree showing new growth of foilage
 Banyan with more foilage
 This is one of my experimental ficus, where I apply new techniques first to it !!!. Recently added few grass foilage from near by park, and they are growing well !!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Updated pics of few of my fav trees

The tiger bark ficus and the other one (unknown name, somebody can help) were growing fast. Latest pics given below. Also the pomgranate started to flower a lot, to protect it from a squril (usually it bites the flower of this tree) I am presently keeping it indoor

The amazing effect of slanting style

I have been struggling to achieve the style of my few bonsai trees, which are otherwise excellent in health and ramification. Though I knew about the slanting style,but it didnt hit me to apply to these trees to make them look better.
But during my travelling as usual when I was observing the style of trees in the roadside, the amazing effect  of slanting style of trees  triggered to me. Usually the trees which are growing in the road side tend to slant or lean forward for more light which makes them bent in their trunk and this one is the mostly adopted style of the trees in our country. Next time when you walk in the road of full of trees just try to observe this.

Now, I have given below the pics of trees after the slanting position was achieved and you can see the difference now.

Rain forest tree after slanting few degrees

Powder puff tree after slanting

Growing ficus bonsai

Especially the styling effect on the above citruous tree is quite pleasing. Compare the previous image of this tree taken a year before below. This was initially placed to view from the straight towards its branch. But when I looked this tree accidentally from this view, it remembers the famous conifer bonsai's. Hence Yesterday I removed it from the previous pot, cleaned the roots and it was potted in this linear pot which supports the style of this tree.

Citrus tree a year before